About Us

Chez Emiliz is an individual Palestinian initiative that aims to strengthen the role of women in Palestinian society by promoting, selling and delivering Palestinian embroideries to the whole world. This initiative will introduce Palestinian embroidery to different societies, support local Palestinian industry and make revenue for women.

Palestinian women try to deliver their voice to the whole world by handicrafts as it’s a way to express their identity and existence. As many Palestinians are struggling to stay in their territories with the difficult economic, political and social situations, we as women have decided to stand up for ourselves to stay in this land.

Embroidery is an art that only women excel. It takes time, effort, keen eye, good taste, color matching, patience and persistence.

As the whole word always ask: how can we help Palestinians? What can we do for you?

With this initiative we give you the answer; with every piece you buy, you help a Palestinian family.

your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell uswhat we can improve on.